Thursday, March 13, 2014

WMS Honor Band to play at Windsor Earth Day Celebration/Visit Discovery Kingdom


Dear Parents
One of the highlights of the year over the past 10 years has been our annual trip to Discovery Kingdom.  In the past, we have performed at Discovery Kingdom and then enjoyed the rest of the day in the park. This year we will be playing at the Windsor Earth Day Celebration on April 27th from 10:00 a.m. to 10:30 instead of playing at Discovery Kingdom and taking our trip to Discovery Kingdom on May 17th.  This will be so much easier in many ways.  We eliminate the added expense of attending one of the festivals and we don’t have to deal with the logistical difficulty of playing at Discovery Kingdom.  Playing at the Town Green will give us an opportunity to perform for our community in a much better venue. 
The cost of the trip to Discovery Kingdom will be $50 – 55.00:  $29.50 for the Marine World ticket and $20 - $25 for bus transportation for each student attending.  (We will be able to determine the exact cost of the bus when we have an accurate count of bus riders.)  We are also happy to purchase additional tickets for family members at the reduced group rate.
In order to secure the tickets and bus transportation for the Discovery Kingdom trip, we need to get an accurate count of attendees.  We also need to know whether we can collect enough in “donations” to make the trip, as well as provide opportunities for those who may need to raise funds to attend.  Please fill out the form attached to this letter and return it no later than March 17th, if possible.  Parents, please consider joining us as a chaperone.  It is a really fun day and we will need plenty of help!  We hope you can join us.   Thanks for supporting music at WMS.
Steve Mitchell

My child ___________________________ would like to attend.
We will be able to make a donation for a:

____________ Student Ticket
____________ Bus Transportation
____________ Additional Tickets
____________ Season Pass

My child ________________________would like to attend but we are unable to make a donation.

____________ I would be willing to chaperone.
         ________________________ Name
         ________________________ Phone or email address

  ____________ I am fingerprinted and would be willing to drive
         ________________________ Name
         ________________________ Phone or email address

My child ____________________________ will be unable to attend. 

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