Tuesday, August 25, 2009

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Windsor Middle School Bands
Program Overview

Personal Responsibility – Responsibility to the Group
1. Assets vs. Liabilities – Students are often reminded that their behavior, attitude, and ability (effort expended) are either an asset or a liability to our group. Our tolerance for “liabilities” (particularly with regard to behavior and attitude) will be very limited.
2. Grading – Your child DOES have homework in Band. All work is due by the last day of every grading period. They choose the things they will complete to get the grade that they want. See the Grading Section.
3. Instrument/Music/Paperwork – I consider it the student’s responsibility to have the things that they need to participate in class. They need their instrument, their music and book, and a pencil every day in class. Practice charts, worksheets and other important papers are kept at the front of the room. If they are absent on the day that something is passed out, it is their responsibility to get a copy.
4. Performances – The Winter and Spring Concerts are “curricular” in that an unexcused absence will result in a demotion of one letter grade of the earned grade for that grading period. Other performances are “co-curricular”, with appropriate bonuses and penalties.
5. Classroom Management – Modified Assertive Discipline Model with a clearly defined set of rules and consequences. Primary consequence is “Campus Beautification”.

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