Friday, January 19, 2018

Yes Indeed! Field Trip 1/30/18

Dear Parents -- Thank you very much for encouraging your child to play music.  It is good for them and our school.  We're excited to be able to attend a show at the Luther Burbank Center called, "Yes Indeed".  Here is a description of the program:

Instill a greater appreciation, awareness, and understanding of the rich history of the blues in your students with this interactive program. Yes Indeed! demonstrates the blues’ roots in work songs, spirituals, hymns, field hollers, and chants of 19th-Century southern U.S. The blues is a distinct sound, but, essentially, it’s a creative expression for coping with hardships, persisting in the face of trouble, and prevailing over adversity. By discovering the blues as a distinct musical style, students will identify the blues as the core element of all indigenous American music, including R&B, funk, gospel, rock, and hip hop.

The program is on January 30.  Students will leave school at 10:30 and return to school at 1:30.  All WMS Band Students are invited to attend.  We are hoping that those who are able will send in a $9 donation.  Clearly, no student will be excluded because of an inability to pay.

Many thanks for encouraging your child.  We appreciate you sending in the permission slip they were given!  Best regards, Steve Mitchell

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