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6th Grade Music Rotation Syllabus and Rules


6th Grade Music
Rotation Class
 Mr. Mitchell. Ms. Williams

We are very excited to begin our musical exploration with our 6th grade classes!  We will begin by learning to play recorders using the Recorder Karate and Recorder Apprentice programs.  In this portion of the class, students will learn how to read written music notation and apply it to performance on instruments.  After our exploration on recorders, we will take the same music reading skills and apply them to the ukulele.  In 6 weeks, students will be able to play a variety of songs on recorder and ukulele.  We hope to have our keyboard lab ready for the last 3 weeks of the quarter, so that students will be able to extend their abilities and be able to play a song with 2 hands independently on keyboards.  The goal of our course is to give students an opportunity to learn to read music and to play a variety of instruments. 

All instruments will be available for students to use at school.  Students will be assigned an instrument to use during class time, as well as all materials needed to participate in the course.  As in other classes, students should be prepared with their own pencils, agenda, and a notebook or folder to store their materials.  Students will receive group instruction, and coaching and will have an opportunity to work individually, and in small and large groups. 

This class is part of the rotation system.  We may have various levels of skill in each class, beginning with students with no music training or experience to those who read music and play at an advanced level.

Students must be careful with the equipment and treat it with utmost respect. The rules outlined in the 6th grade Rotation Parent contract will be strictly enforced, and the consequences will be serious.


Grades in Rotation are determined by the student’s participation, cooperation and increase of musical knowledge and skill.  

Grades are earned as follows:

Behavior, Attitude, Participation, Citizenship                            50%
Quizzes and Playing Tests or a Written report effort               50%

Rotation classes are counted equal to other classes in grade point averages.

Classroom procedure:

I will be using Class Dojo as a classroom management aid in this year’s Music Rotation classes.  You will receive an invitation to sign up for Class Dojo so that parents can monitor their child’s behavior in the class, and students can modify their avatars if they choose.   In the Class Dojo system, students are awarded positive points for good behavior, and negative points for inappropriate behaviors.   When a student achieves a score of -3 at the end of any day, they will receive a detention.  A weekly percentage of score of 70% or less will result in a detention.  Please see the Rotation Rules sheet for more information. 

Students are expected to:
      enter the room quietly
      be able to work individually without disturbing others
      be able to work in a group without disturbing others
      maintain a positive attitude
      treat all of the equipment with the utmost respect
      bring all of their materials to class each time we meet
      follow all school rules

Thanks, in advance, for your help and support with your child.  I’m really happy to have them as students. 

Music Rotation Rules

Students at Windsor Middle School are asked to be Respectful, Responsible, and Safe.  The MIE Lab Rules reflect that philosophy.

     Enter and Exit the room quietly.
     Respect all of the equipment in the room.
     Do nothing that will interfere with the learning that is taking place.

     Be on time every day.
     Bring a positive attitude and excellent behavior to class every day. 
     Bring all materials every day.

     Food, drinks or gum are NEVER ALLOWED!!!
     Stay in your seat at all times unless otherwise directed. 
     Treat all of the musical instruments with respect.

We will be using the “Class Dojo” system in this course.  Your score on Class Dojo will determine your score for the “behavior” portion of your grade.  A score of -3 in any day will result in a Detention.  A weekly score of less than 70% will result in a detention, as well.  Parents are invited and encouraged to sign up for “Class Dojo”.  Information is attached.

Consequences for severe misbehavior or for tampering with guitars, keyboards, or ukuleles will result in immediate removal from classroom and a referral to the office.  In the past, parents have been billed for repairs required by a student’s willful vandalism of school equipment. 

Please turn paper over to sign.  Thanks!

We have read and understand the Music Rotation classroom procedures.

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