Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Get Ready for Caz!!!!

Hello Everyone -- Get ready for the Sonoma Jump Start at the Cazadero Performing Arts Camp from September 23 - 25, 2011!!! We want as many of our 8th graders as possible to attend. Why? Because participating in the Jump Start REALLY improves the quality of the players who are able to attend, and, thereby, really improves the quality of our groups when we get back. The added benefit is that IT'S REALLY FUN!!! It's a fantastic way to attend a world class performing arts camp for a pittance. As always, scholarships are available for those students who need them. (Please let me know. We can make this happen!) We are also looking for a few good chaperones. Unlike Science Camp, being a chaperone at Caz is relaxing, and rewarding! Supervision duties are minimal and there is plenty of time to read, hike the property, eat great food and kick back! Please let me know that you can help us out!! This is going to be a great year at CAZ!!!!

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