Friday, December 10, 2010

Final Instructions for G&C Auto Body


Dear Parents
Many thanks for supporting music at Windsor Middle School. I want to give you some final details about Saturday's performance at the G&C Auto Body Grand Opening. Students should arrive at G&C (10661 Old Redwood Highway, across from Garrett's Hardware) at 11:30 in concert attire. The students will be given a brief tour of the facility and a snack before our first performance at 12:00 noon. A catered BBQ will be served after the performance. We've been asked to play a second time after we eat. I don't have an exact time line for the rest of event - I think they have purposely tried to build some flexibility into their schedule. The Grand Opening is over at 3:00, but I suspect we will be done before that. I'm sorry I can't be more specific at this point. Parents are welcome to attend the Grand Opening, of course.
I really appreciate the overwhelming responses offering to help us transport gear. At this point, I think we have enough people and vehicles arranged to get our equipment there. Students have been instructed to take their own instrument with the exception of the percussionists and tuba players. We will be meeting here at WMS at 10:30 to load our gear, in the event that your child has forgotten their instrument or music. Otherwise, we will see you at G&C at 11:30.
I've really tried to stress the importance of outstanding and mature behavior to the students at this very public event. Anything that you can do to reinforce that message is appreciated.
As always, feel free to write or call with questions, and thanks for encouraging your child to be part of our group.
Steve Mitchell

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