Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Analy Fall Festival Details

The Honor Band students were very happy with the performance at the Analy Fall Festival! We are glad to announce that the behavior was superb. The three songs we performed were played well, and the judges were pleased. After the performance, Dr. Royce Tevis gave the students an outstanding clinic. He spent a great deal of time working on breath control, and showing the students that they could play much longer phrases than they had been playing by learning to control their air. Dr. Tevis also talked about balance and blend. He explained that a band's sound should be like a "Triangle of Music", with bass at the bottom being the loudest, the mid range instruments like trumpets and low clarinets the next loudest and the high woodwinds the softest. Dr. Tevis is the Director of Bands at Cal State University at Chico and has spent many years directing amazing bands.

All students who attended the concert has received a 350 point bonus. This is over 30% of your grade! From a student's point of view, this was awfully easy. The students really enjoyed the fun, and the funny picture, after the "boring" formal picture. (If you bought pictures, they will be delivered very soon.)

Thanks for making WMS look good!

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