Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Caz Rocks!!!

What an outstanding weekend at the spectacular Cazadero Performing Arts Camp!! Our 25 WMS Honor Band students and 5 chaperones, joined 100 other middle school musicians and high school mentors for the 9th Annual Sonoma Jump Start. The students and I enjoyed the beautiful weather, the towering redwood trees, waking up to "Reveille" and going to sleep to "Taps", and the wonderful sounds of music echoing through the Cazadero canyon. We slept under the stars, ate s'mores by the campfire, played capture the flag and tug of war and spent many hours rehearsing for Sunday afternoon's concert. We were honored that Cazadero founder Robert Lutt attended our performance. Many thanks and congratulations to Anthony Amari, Joey Carroll, Chase Courier, Kevin Cummings, Chapman Dundas, Allie Feland, Danyel Fong, Kristina Hamilton, Megan Hopper, Rachel Ibrahim, Kevin Jackson, Will Kelly, Ruth McQuown, Sebastian Miller, Jeremy Nelson, Connor Post, Brandon Potts, Derrick Ramos, Sean Scheiner, Tori Sheber, Cameron Skaggs, Evan Smith, Natalie Smith, Kylie Stephens, and Erich Woermann. We're especially grateful to our 5 chaperones: Rick Cummings, Sandy Hamilton, Mona Ibrahim, Mike Skaggs, and Jeanne Sheber. The students came away from the weekend with many new friends and greatly increased skills on their instruments. Great job everyone!! WMS is proud of you!!!

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